Below are some of my recently published projects and works-in-progress.

gender and social media

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Media and cultural Production in the digital age 

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online Self-Branding and the Individualization of work

Duffy, B. E., Pruchniewska, U. & Scolere, L.* (forthcoming). Platform-specific self-branding: Imagined affordances of the social media ecology.Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Social Media & Society. *equally contributing authors. PDF

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Duffy, B. E. (2016). We’re not all entrepreneurs: Yawning gaps in the digital “platform economy.” Data & Society Points. Message posted to

Duffy, B. E. (2015, June 18). Yuccies,” “Slashies,” and the Digital Economy’s Valorization of the Multi-skilled, Always-on Creative Worker. Culture Digitally. Message posted to